Lune Rebranding Evolution


Maybe you have noticed that Lune has gone threw about three different brand looks in this past year.

Holy moly! Its been quite a process to get this brand feeling right for us.

When we purchased this business the logo looked like this.

This logo helped tie in the chocolate and the moon and we really liked that. The bold letters felt a little out of date and we were looking to go a little more simplistic.

We preformed a quick rebranding to fit our style a little more and landed on this guy right here.

This logo felt like a good place holder until we found what really resonated. After some research we found that the cursive writing

was very popular with chocolate shops.

We reached out to our friends at Whistler and the Well branding in Denver. We have been working hard together to come up with a good final logo that touches on the "lune" (moon) part of the name while still tying back into chocolate.

After months of perfecting it we finally came up with this. We love how it keeps the brand feminine and ties into the moon theme. Jonathan and EB at W&TW came up with this image for our packaging. We kept the font clean, and non cursive to stand out from other chocolate companies. The moon phases also symbolizes the chocolate and the act of savoring this small treat. We are totally in love with our new branding and cant wait to settle into this third and final logo.

Our new website look was created to mimic this new phase of our brand. We hope you love it as much as we do!

<3 Cierra






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