Winter Bonbon Menu 

The four pack will contain a random selection of the chocolates below.

Specify at checkout if you would like a custom selection.


taste of thailand

shell | white

filling | coconut curry


laid back 

shell | white

filling | pineapple and gin


seasonal caramel

shell | milk

filling | peanut butter and caramel



shell | milk

filling | coffee liquor, Irish cream, and orange liquor


fire blanket

shell | dark

filling |  mango and cayenne 


cherry bomb

shell | dark

filling | dark cherry


grandmas chutney

shell | white

filling |  cranberry, orange, and spices


hot toddy

shell | white

filling | ginger, lemon, honey, whisky


johnny appleseed

shell | milk

filling | spiced apple pie



shell | milk

filling | ginger bread


strawberry fields

shell | dark

filling | strawberry and balsamic 


Candy man can

shell | dark 

filling | peppermint

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